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Welcome to my Sculptures and Statues for the Church Web Site

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Sculptures and Statues for the Church“As an artist I've been moved, very touched, sometimes overwhelmed, when people who have witnessed my liturgical art tell me that it has enhanced their experience of being human. And this encourages me, it fires my passion, my desire to be true. It's a way for me as an artist to be of service...”
— Lynn Kircher, Sculptor
Lynn Kircher visit the Pope

Lynn’s Addition to the
Vatican Collection

In April of 2002, Lynn fulfilled a life long dream when he and his mom, his first patron, presented a sculpture to John Paul II for the Vatican Collection.
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Watch an interview with Lynn Kircher during the Rio Costilla Art Tour on September 8th, at his studio in Jaroso. He talks about a sculpture presented to the Vatican.

Contemporary Sculptor, Lynn Kircher, proudly presents his artistic achievements and capabilities on this Religious Sculpture web site. In a career spanning several decades after much time spent in more traditional artistic posts, Lynn Kircher has realized a true calling creating custom liturgical art – statues and sculptures grounded in the timeless traditions of the Church. He is pleased to touch lives in so many ways with the sculptures he develops so meticulously in his studio. He recognizes that religious art changes lives. When people behold sacred subjects captured in three dimensions, they are reminded of the abundant, life-giving power of the Holy Trinity, including the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Kircher's website gives prospective patrons a glimpse of the creative works that reflect the power of the divine. As you explore the sizeable portfolio of Contemporary Religious Art, you will see what a stunning piece of artwork also does to transform any physical environment. A patron is an individual, a family, a church, an organization, or even a community who wants to commission a custom piece of art.

Gifted artists like Kircher with professional training in art and design spend countless hours in the studio to produce your custom creation. Kircher's statues and sculptures reflect the grace and spirit of the liturgy, add beauty and spiritual wonder to large and small spaces, and are customized according to the specific details of each patron. Kircher’s works are so well known that he has even contributed a piece to the Vatican collection of Pope John Paul II.

As a Religious Artist, Kircher specializes in Sculptures and Statues For The Church, Angel Sculptures, Crucifix Sculptures, Religious Art Sculptures, and Religious Bronze Sculptures. No matter what walk of life you come from, you will recognize the power of religious sculpture. This genre of art inspires many human emotions. With a work by Kircher, spread feelings of hope, joy, comfort, solace, humility, awe, wonder, and servitude. Through art, enhance your faith and your ministry. Help your congregation deepen their understanding of church lessons. Rejoice and reflect upon God's presence, celebrated in a custom work of art, brought to life with creative vision and meticulous craftsmanship.
When you stand in the presence of a sacred image created by human hands, you connect just a little more closely to the divine, and it doesn't matter what your faith or your problems are. You can take away those powerful feelings only the Creator gives His people.

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