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Lynn Kircher Contemporary Liturgical Sculptor

Lynn Kircher Contemporary Sculptor at WorkPope John Paul II and Lynn in the VaticanBorn in Decatur, Illinois, Lynn grew up in Saint Louis. Long past the time when the child’s artwork is relegated to the closet, Lynn retained the dream of making beautiful creations in color and clay. At the age of nine he studied the masters Michelangelo, Bridgeman and Shephard. While in high school, he continued studies with the Minneapolis School of Art on a full scholarship. Upon graduation from high school, enlisting early at the age of 17, he joined the “kiddy cruise” to Viet Nam, to fund his way for art school. In 1969 Lynn started his studies with John Jellico at the Colorado Institute of Art. He maintained his ties with this institution for the next 27 years first as a student, and eventually as a teacher. He taught over 53 subjects at the Institute, and left to be a full time artist when the Colorado Institute of Art switched to a more technologically oriented program as the Art Institute.

During his tenure at the Institute Lynn pioneered several teacher training programs, working with Houghton Mifflin and the Master Student text. He continues this work as a consultant with private schools helping teachers find a passion for teaching and students a passion for learning. In 2006 he joined the School Board for the R-1 School District in Costilla County, Colorado. Looking back at those years as a child with crayons, he recognizes that the encouragement he had in school and at home, have been key to his own life-long thirst for learning and have led him to the threshold of mastery of a craft as a purveyor of art to inspire his fellow humans. Subsequent to his acceptance in the Vatican Collection and his own interview with Pope John Paul II in 2002, Lynn was asked how he felt about this international recognition. “Humbled” he replied, “… with great honor comes great responsibility, to take my skill to a new level.”

In 1997, leaving the Art Institutes, he turned to his studio in the southern part of the San Luis Valley and the crafting of sculptures for churches nationwide. Why work for churches? Because the church is filled with stories, and an artist is, after all, a story teller too.

Lynn lives in Jaroso, with his spouse Jane who joined him in the studio, daughter Jenny who helps run the business, and four year old granddaughter Amber who comes to work with mom every day till she starts school and delights in asking her “Pa” for a pinch of warm clay.

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About the Artist

By John Jellico
Former Associate Editor American Artist Magazine
Former Assistant Editor Southwestern Art
Lynn’s Teacher while in Art School.

Bronze Head of the Christ "... In all of his works he communicates his overflowing passionateness,
his ecstatic appreciation for reaching others through his art.
He achieves this high expressiveness by daring use of color with new and surprising strokes and lines…

...His bronzes seem to embody a definite feeling of humility and passion...
The mystery of creation has always been a subject of inspiration to Lynn..."

The Process

Sacred Heart An art teacher for over twenty years, Lynn is well acquainted with media and materials, and is at home with paint or clay. The ten years he spent as head of the Life Drawing Department at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver refined his portrayal of inspirational figurative work and matured his work with a sound understanding of anatomy and emotional expression.
Lynn considers working with your art committee an opportunity to engage your organization’s artistic process and provide your sanctuary with an individual identity.
Quality comes first. There is no compromise. Detailed portfolios and working sessions with your committees are part of the commissioning process. These build rapport and foster communication.

Major Sculptural Commissions

View here the Sculptures and Statues Installations that Lynn has realized in many Churches and Private Locations.
(All sculptures are life sized unless noted otherwise, some are presently in progress in the studio. Inquire about a commission for your church or organization, or any of these editions.)

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Lynn’s Awards

  • Fra Angelica Society, Artist of the Year, 2005
  • BENE(2) ,Visual Arts Awards, M&L, 2005
  • BENE, Visual Arts Awards M&L, 2004
  • Honorable Mention, Visual Arts Awards, M&L, 2005
  • Accepted, Pope John Paul II Collection, Vatican, Italy, 2002
  • Hall of Fame, Colorado Institute of Art, 1994
  • Mother Teresa Praying


    Lynn has been exhibiting in Galleries and Private Collections since 1969. His work is featured in collections of individuals & organizations nationally and internationally. Contact the artist for galleies locations and scheduled shows.

    Blessed Mother of the Cosmos A sculpture is a three-dimensional (3-D) form of art that provides an important sense of depth to the observer. When you want a 3-D art form for yourself, where do you begin to articulate the type of project you want to commission from a religious artist like Lynn Kircher? Step into any Catholic Church and you will find many examples of how Religious Sculptures bring hope and inspiration to the faithful. From the altar to the images on stained glass windows, Church artistic forms tell of the rich tradition of Christianity. It doesnít matter if the subject is Christ on the Cross or the young Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus. When works of religious art are Life Size Religious Sculptures or other forms, you get a deep sense of the story behind the image. You want to go back and read the Bible to learn more. In this online portfolio, the artist Lynn Kircher displays a wide range of talents in religious art. As a careful student of human forms and religious themes, he specializes in meeting the needs of people who love the beauty of faith. The religious sculpture captures timeless themes in a permanent form. If you want a particular version of Jesus, a Saint, or another religious figure, just have a look at what Kircher has created to meet the aesthetic and spiritual needs of his patrons. A range of talent and versatility abounds from these religious sculptures. Words cannot begin to describe what an artist can create for you. Just consider all of the possibilities as you look inside your heart and soul. Donít be afraid to let your mindís eye run away from you. When you can decide what you really want in a Religious Sculpture, write it down and get a quote for your project. Kircherís works include Religious Bronze Sculptures of many sizes. These classic forms date back to the beginning of the Church and were preserved again and again by the Masters of the Renaissance period of art. The artist Kircher, like Michelangelo and Botticelli, works hard to achieve this type of realism in his religious sculptures. The Life Size Religious Sculpture is a beautiful art form with true-to-life details that can decorate any space. A Religious Bronze Sculpture of any size or subject work wells visually for the person or organization of faith. You can even order a work that has already been produced if it is available.

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