Liturgical art by commission, Lynn Kircher, Sculptor

Browse through the brilliant photo gallery here. Discover why Roman Catholic Churches, private patrons, and other groups choose a religious sculpture to adorn a place of worship or another space. Rest assured that Lynn Kircher will do his best to bring creativity to bear on your sculpture project and stay true to your personal theme. Your custom religious piece will enrich your life for years to come.

Jesus Christ - All Artwork Mary, Our Lady of Hope or Annunciation - All Artwork
 Saint Clare  Saint Francis of Assisi
 Saint Helen  Saint Isabel of Portugal Life Sized Sculptures
 Saint James Life Sized Bronze Sculpture  Saint Joseph Ode to Uncondionnal Love
 Mary Magdalen Life Sized Bronze  Saint Michael the Archangel
 Saint Peregrine  Mother Teresa
 Veronica‚Äôs Veil  Clik here to view more of Lynn's Liturgical Artworks..

Life Sized Sculpture

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Photographs for this Web site are the work of T. John Hughes for the "At Peace" and Jim Milmoe for the "Transcendent Christ" photos as taken at Saint Frances Cabrini in Littleton. Credits for other photos include Peter Weiss for photos of Mary, Our Lady of Hope, James Baca for "St. Joseph", and Joe Diaz for "Transcendent Christ".  The remainder of the photographs are from students, friends and the artist.  We sincerely thank all those who contributed to this Web site.

Church Statues

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