At Peace II
Edition of 20
Sculptures in this edition are available by commission, contact the Studio.

Installations, At Peace I
Saint Bernard Catholic Church, Bella Vista, Arkansas
Saint Jude Catholic Church, Lakewood, Colorado
Our Lady of the Snow, Granby, Colorado

Installations, At Peace II
Saint John the Evangelist, Prairieville, Louisiana
Saint Helen Catholic Church, Pearland, Texas

Installations, Life Sized Torso
Vatican Collection, Italy, AP
Gifted by the artist and his mother during an audience with John Paul II, in May 2002
The torso edition is sold out

“...I studied the Masters… Michelangelo, Rubens and Rodin. I studied different philosophies about the crucifixion. Finally, looking within myself, I recalled a near-death experience; remembering most vividly being … at peace...”
Lynn Kircher, Artist

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Lynn Kircher is a figurative sculptor who works with figurative sculptures for patrons of religious faiths, including Roman Catholicism. Whether the Catholic Church needs a complete set of Stations of the Cross sculptures or a 12-foot Crucifix to hang from the cathedral ceiling, Kircher can use his creative skills to transform the patron’s vision into a physical reality. Faith takes on life size proportions in a Kircher piece.

Kircher has a vast body of work from which to draw inspiration for new projects. He will study the subject in depth and create a human form that accurately depicts the subject matter of the piece. A finished work is true to the theme commissioned by the patron and true to the faith.

This website offers examples of figurative sculpture, liturgical sculpture, Mother Teresa sculpture, and Stations of the Cross sculpture completed by Kircher in the past. By looking at full color photos, potential customers get a sense of Kircher’s skill in capturing figurative images for the faithful. For example, At Peace II is a life size Crucifix. You get a sense of the suffering that Jesus experienced prior to His death and Resurrection. In the lines of a thin man’s ribs and the pointy thorns of a mocking crown, you also feel the sacrifices He made for all souls.

The deeper meaning provided by art is timeless. When it comes to Jesus the Savior, the life size Crucifix is a classic way to represent the greatest sacrifice of all – when God gave his only Son to die for the sins of men and women on the Cross. A permanent sculpture of Jesus on the Cross serves as an important reminder.

Liturgical sculptures are an important form of liturgical art for any religious person or group. Whether you want to decorate a church, a religious school, a home, a library, or a cemetery, you need a liturgical artist with a wide range of expertise in the many subjects of Christianity. Contact the studio and find out how Lynn Kircher can design and complete a piece of religious sculpture that will really suit your purpose.

When you receive a Kircher religious sculpture, know that you will get the same quality, detail, and realistic representation found in his other works. Kircher is committed to bringing you, the religious art patron, the same satisfaction you get when you visit your favorite church. Over the years, he has developed a keen sense of what will meet your aesthetic sensibilities and spiritual tradition. With his professional training and wide repertoire of 3-D skills, Lynn can produce a faith-based work of art for you!